Storytelling and the magic of engaged minds

India and its mythology hold an ocean of beautiful content. It may be an evolution of the human being with senses or organs becoming vestigial over time. Maybe beings were superior with minds that really transcended boundaries and were capable of extra sensory powers. But there are many indicators that the ancients knew a lot more about astronomy, metals, medicine, irrigation, mathematics and science than we presume.

But all said and done, there is a wonderful world of beings and their journeys that can leave you spellbound.





(Picture courtesy, exhibit near a temple of Tirupati, India’s biggest land of faith.)

You have superheroes who flew or appeared wherever they wanted to, mutants with special powers, minds that could see beyond, thought controlled weapons, inter-galactic flights, the power to control the elements and much more. But what continues to fascinate is that this treasure of characters can be a playwright’s delight and spin a wonderful new, or maybe old, world of probabilities. Now, if this storytelling can also deliver nuggets of learning and education, isn’t it a win-win?

This is not just about escaping into another world and living up to your fantasies. It’s also about using this entertaining avenue as a teaching tool for young minds.

5 Chapter3 taste front

(Image courtesy,, showing a Syllabus Cartoon on digestion with kids and a mythological character Ghatojgaj)

Just as cartoons provide us with a wonderful medium to teach, reaching it to children, including the underprivileged ones should also be top of mind. These are based on government prescribed lessons, hence called Syllabus Cartoons.

On one hand, there is an affluent India with children connecting to the animes and the mangas in a global comic culture, there is also an underprivileged India who would need a helping hand. Equal Indian Foundation supports the sharing of this wonderful tool of learning as shown above, from to all children, going beyond economic boundaries.

Because education is a birthright of every child, even more so, in this information age.




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