Equal Indian Foundation was born out of a desire to share capacity development and equal opportunity with people, especially children. In our new avatar with a focus on education, the foundation is working to bring out effective and interesting learning tools for primary education. Driven by a sense of commitment to share learning, professionals from the field of education, communication, arts and other fields have lent their hearts to this initiative. The core of Equal Indian lies in the essence of the sanskrit words ‘Swatah Siddihi’ which signify self development to evolve.

Principal Team:

Ravi Acharya

An origami lover who can make paper interesting in many ways, he has seen the transformation of education since 1974. Starting with Orient Longman (now Orient Blackswan), Wiley Eastern Ltd (John Wiley & Sons group), he has been part of the publishing world of school, college and research books. Moving on to Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad, the next 25 years cemented his love for education and its impact on young minds, earning admiration and respect from students, authorities and peers alike. He has also been involved in setting up an education institution in Pune, and is now settled in Bangalore, India.

Vijay Srinivas Prativadi

A true admirer of arts, spirituality and everything in between, Srinivas Prativadi  took a jump from Metallurgy to Advertising early on in 1993. Growing up as a Creative Director  through Lintas and Ogilvy, he started his professional network with Godfather Creative over 8 years ago. Working on entertaining education communication, he founded Godfather Edulabs LLP in 2012 with a serious focus to have fun in learning. The knowledge and content thus created will flow into the foundation to reach children lesser privileged but rich in beautiful minds.




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